History of the Dragonborn

A Brief History of the Dragonborn

Much like Orcs in Lord of the Rings, Dragonborn were created by magic, not by nature. The Wizard Court, under the rule and direction of King Ortav, created the Dragonborn to serve the King as his protectors of the realm. At the height of his empire, King Ortav had a small army of 5000 Dragonborn known as the Knight Phalanx, whose duty was to patrol the lands ensuring peace, justice, and order for all in Dagon.

In the ensuing battle with the Invincible Overlord and King Ortav's most trusted general, Temus Andivari, most of the Knight Phalanx ranks were decimated, and few traces of it exist to this day. This, however, doesn't stop people from remembering the days when seeing a Dragonborn on the paths of the countryside meant that you could travel safely in peace.

Now with the Invincible Overlord ruling much of the land, a standing bounty of 150 gold pieces remains on the head of any Dragonborn found to still be alive. This bounty can be claimed by bringing the Dragonborn's head to any constable in the city of Arc.

History of the Dragonborn

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