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Welcome to the world of Dagon!

The world of Dagon is a high fantasy realm where you take on the role of local hero working to restore balance to an upset kingdom. King Ortav's throne was usurped 50 years ago and now a threat to the realm sits on the throne. Will you rise up to protect the helpless and defenseless?

Campaign Rules

Allowed Player Source Books

  • Basic Rules
  • Player's Handbook
  • Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Sword Coast Adventure's Guide

Important Things to Note

Being Dragonborn Is Illegal - This is not to say that playing a Dragonborn is not permitted in the game world. This means that if you are caught being Dragonborn, there is a standing bounty on your head. To learn more, read up on the Brief History of the Dragonborn.

The World Is Dangerous - The world is far from a safe place and the wilderness will test you. Any time spent resting or traveling outside of town will result in random encounter checks, and random encounters will test your ability to survive.

Time Matters, So Do Your Choices (And Your Memory) - Time will be tracked in this world. You will be playing in the year 1475 of the Second Moon. The decisions you make in town and during adventures will have an impact on the world and its people. Save the blacksmith's daughter? He'll remember. Fail to bring find the cure in time to heal the local monarch? Her people will remember. Travel between villages and cities will take time, time your nemesis will spend furthering his or her plots. Your characters will age, and with age comes wisdom, frailty, and a legacy for the future. I expect you to take notes for things that are important, as your character's memory of information provided by the DM is governed by your own memory. If you've forgotten, then your character has too. Take judicious notes to prevent this from becoming an issue. The DM will also not be providing recaps of the previous session and will instead ask the group to recap what they believe happened in the previous session.

The Invincible Overlord Reigns - No one knows the Overlord's true identity, but it is believed that they had a hand in overthrowing the previous monarch, King Ortav, and his goodly Dragonborn Knights, making room for King Andivari to take the throne 50 years ago. The Overlord has not been seen since the dethroning of Ortav, but rumors have it that when the second moon eclipses the first, the Overlord can often be seen riding out of his castle's gates, laying havoc to all that is good and righteous with the world.

Character Creation - Most of the mortals of the world consider themselves as simply average. You, however, are not an average mortal. To help you stand out amongst your brethren, the gods themselves have blessed you with above average capabilities.

To create your character, please choose one of the three following methods. If you select either Fate Blessed or Fate Destined, please confirm a time with the DM to facilitate rolling your dice or ask the DM for the results of the rolls to be sent to you for character creation.

  • Fate Built – Take these six scores, and assign them as you like: 17, 15, 12, 11, 10, 8. These are your base scores before racial modifiers and presents the simplest method of character generation.
  • Fate Blessed – Roll 4d6, drop the lowest die of the four, and then total them together. Do this five additional times to generate six total scores. Assign these scores to the statistics of your choice. These will be your base scores before racial modifiers.
  • Fate Destined – Roll 4d6, reroll 1s, drop the lowest die of the four, and then total them together. This number is your Strength score. Repeat this for your Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, in that order. These will be your base scores before racial modifiers. You cannot rearrange these scores.
  • Divinely Touched – Here is a list of 22 numbers. Combine them as you wish to create six different ability scores, using each number in the list no more than once. No score may be higher than 20 and no score may be lower than 3.
      – 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1

Difficulty of Play - This campaign will run with two different difficulty levels, which the group will be able to select from at the start of the campaign. They are as follows:

Normal – Characters can die, however:

  • Characters will be permitted a single free resurrection at the local temple.
  • New characters start two levels below the lowest-leveled alive character.
  • Players will be permitted to utilize one time-shift per session to put a focus more on the story and less on getting unlucky and dying to poor dice rolls.

Hardcore – Characters will die and death is permanent unless resurrected quickly.

  • Each character has a resurrection timer of 150 hours.
  • When a character dies, that timer activates.
  • The resurrection timer runs in one-hour increments until the player is resurrected.
  • Every six months the player goes without dying increases their resurrection timer by 1 hour.
  • Should the timer reach 0, the character can no longer be resurrected.
  • New characters will start three levels below the lowest-level alive character.

Time-Shifts - A time-shift will allow players to do one of the following, once per session:

  • Change a decision you made before rolling a skill check for it and before any significant information was gained. Sometimes players make mental mistakes and I am willing to let you undo your mistake as long as you haven't traveled too far down that line.
  • Reroll any D20 roll. You may take the higher of the two rolls if you prefer. Ideally rolling a Natural 1 at the worst possible time shouldn't end your character. If you get a poorly timed failure, this is a second chance to average that out.
  • Retrieve important setting information from the DM that you've completely forgotten. I will assume that your memories are linked to your character's memory with regards to important names, places, events, and the like. If you completely space on the name of that person you were supposed to meet, I'll let you ask me for such info.

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